#Audio Video Production Welcome to A/V Production! A/V Production is a combination of two classes, Media Technology and Audio Engineering. In the first year of the program, every student takes AV Production. We will focus on audio engineering, radio and video production. During the second year, students can specify whether they want to pursue audio or video… Video Production students learn everything there is about the world of filmmaking such as scriptwriting, directing, lighting, sound design, editing, special effects and much more. Video Production students also compete in film festivals and SkillsUSA. Second year students in the audio program compete in SkillsUSA and oversee studio recording sessions from concept to distribution.

A/V Production

#Advanced Audio Production Advanced Audio Engineering is a very cool class that exists only in BISD CTE! Students in Advanced Audio learn everything about starting a career in the audio engineering industry. Students will learn all about what makes a recording studio run successfully. We cover technical skills, troubleshooting, gear maintenance, client relations and much more. But we also do a lot of stuff outside of the studio as well! Students will become well versed in audio post-production. Audio post-production covers all sorts of audio editing techniques. Students will learn how to score, foley and mix audio for film and video games! We will also cover audio production techniques for radio, news, music production and much much more!

Adv Audio

#Advanced Video Production Intended for students who’ve completed the Introduction to Audio/Video production course, Advanced Video Production is an exciting, challenging class. Throughout the year, we’ll be learning principles of writing, shooting, and editing as we produce content for a variety of distribution platforms. Software used in the program includes Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects and scriptwriting software. From news to narrative, we’ll be tackling it all.

A/V Production

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