District Events

DVD Order Forms

Current order forms can be found below. Please intercampus mail order forms to “Audio/Video Dept. @ 011-BCTAL”. If you are a parent, your student’s home room teacher or office will be able to assist in getting these forms to the correct department. Click the picture for a printable version.

Sample Order Form Event: Sample Order Form
Event Record Date: 3/2/13
Order Cut Off Date: 3/18/13


The Audio Video Production Department, as a service to our schools district, will record district events throughout the school year. All productions are student produced, for that reason it might take a little longer for us to edit the event then it would for a production studio. We prefer to give students real world experience in our classroom and while doing work for the department, like this.

We take pride in the content we do produce and reserve the right to not serve internal personnel if we feel we cannot dedicate the appropriate time needed for a project.


If you are in charge of a district event and would like to see if the Audio Video Department can record your event please contact Jeremy Upchurch. Depending on your event needs, we will need approximately three to five weeks prior knowledge to schedule students, talk with administration, get equipment reserved, etc. The sooner you can get in contact with us the better the odds we can assist you. Please remember we can not accommodate every employee in the district.